Regional Chiefs Reject Israeli Team, It’s Chaotic

Regional Chiefs Reject Israeli Team, It's Chaotic – Many regional heads who suddenly expressed their attitude to refuse the Israeli team to participate in the U-20 World Cup, became a joke about the behavior of regional heads. Because regional heads do not have the authority to deal with international relations.

“The head of the county now is chaotic. The one who has the authority of international relations is the central government. Why did the regional chief join in the shout to refuse. It’s too much,” said IDP-LP public policy researcher RIko Noviantoro.

According to him, the authority of the regional head is clearly regulated in Article 9 of Law No. 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government. More details in Article 9. Paragraph 2 which mentions absolute affairs is the authority of the central government.

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Absolute government affairs, continued Riko, have been clearly defined in Article 10 paragraph (1) of the Regional Government Law. Absolute government affairs include foreign policy, defense, security, jurisdiction, monetary and religious.

“Whether or not to compete in Indonesia is the responsibility of the Central Government. Then what is the business of the regional government shouting,” said Riko.

He hoped that regional heads would not trigger government uproar. Only because of the ignorance of the regional head in the scope of his authority. As a result, the general image of the government has become bad abroad.

Riko asked regional heads to focus more on development work that became the authority. If you really don’t understand, you can consult the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thus more important work is not distracted by issues that are not his authority.

“I am disappointed that the regional head made comments that were not authoritative. It is enough to work in the authority room. Don’t clean up other problems,” he concluded.