THS-THM Coordinator Speaks Out on Alleged Criminalization of Father Paschal

Tokoh Agama Katolik, Romo Chrisanctus Paschalis Saturnus – The National Coordinator of the Pencak Silat Education Organization of Single Heart Seminary – Tunggal Hati Maria (THS-THM), Eugenius Kau Suni urged the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) to stop efforts to allegedly criminalize Father Chrisanctus Paschalis Sartunus, a Human Trafficking fighter in Batam, Riau Islands.

“We see something leading up to that, the alleged criminalisation of Father Paschal. He has been a firm voice against human trafficking practices that still often occur today. It is precisely because he is fighting the human trafficking mafia in Kepri that he now has to face lawsuits. I think the police and other law enforcement need to look carefully at this so as not to ignore the humanitarian struggle. If there is criminalization, we ask that it be stopped,” Egi told, Saturday (18/3/2023).

According to Egi, a number of regions in Indonesia including the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) still often receive bodies of trafficking victims. Therefore, the government together with all law enforcement officials should work together to fight for the safety of all citizens, not just protect the mafia that is still operating in various places.

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“Until now, migrant workers and migrant workers who are repatriated from abroad in a lifeless state are still happening. Please do not become blind and deaf to all this. The state should be present, so that citizens themselves should not be allowed to continue to be victims of human trafficking,” Egi

The THS-THM National Coordinator expressed support for Father Paschal who is also a member of THS-THM since 1999, as well as the first THS-THM Moderator Father in Tembesi Batam, and until now is still actively involved in the development of the THS-THM Education Pencak Silat Organization.

“We support Father Paschal so that he remains consistent and steadfast in his fight against these human trafficking mafias. What Father Paschal stands for is in line with the Christian values we have practiced and lived so far. For justice and humanity, we must not back down,” Egi

Previously, it was reported that the Chairman of the Migrant and Overseas Pastoral Justice and Peace Commission (KKPPMP), Father Chrisanctus Paschalis Saturn, was policed by Riau Islands Regional State Intelligence Agency (BIN) official Bambang Panji Prianggoro to the Riau Islands Police Department on January 17, 2023. The report was related to public complaints submitted by Father Pascal to 12 agencies, including BIN Head Budi Gunawan. The Kepri Regional Police Ditreskrimum has processed the report of BIN officials by clarifying the whistleblower and the reported Father Paschal.